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Probate Law Estero

Have you lost a loved one and need assistance with probate law in Estero? Contact Brian J Downey, PA. for help with probate laws in Estero. Probate law deals with the legal process which handles the assets and debts that are left behind after someone passes.  Whenever someone has died with property in their name (the decedent’s property), a probate is necessary in order to transfer that property to the proper beneficiaries. If the decedent had a will, then the original will must be admitted to probate and will be the controlling document. If the decedent dies without a will, then Florida law dictates who the beneficiaries are and who has priority to act on behalf of the decedent’s estate. In either case, it is advisable to hire an experienced Florida attorney to handle the matters and make sure you’re proceeding properly with the probate process, as probate laws are often complex.

Brian J. Downey, P.A. will work with you to help make the probate process to go through smoothly.  Since 2008, Brian and his team have been providing comfort and assistance to clients in Estero and surrounding areas who have lost a loved one. They are dedicated to delivering superior services and unmatched customer care.

In addition to helping you through the probate process, we can also assist with income and estate tax issues related to inheritances, as well as drafting or updating your estate plan moving forward.


When is probate necessary?

Probate is necessary legal process when there is a dispute about the contents of a deceased individuals will or estate.  Probate is also necessary for legally transferring ownership of the deceased’s property and assets, even if all parties agree to the instructions for the estate.

probate law estero

The Probate Process


Verifying the validity of a will, if it exists.


Selecting an executor for the estate.


Identifying all living heirs and relatives.


Totaling all assets and paying off debts.


Dividing all remaining assets among the heirs or as stated in the will.

A Few Words From Our Clients

Brian, has been a great help to me in probate matters as well in estate and trust planning. He is very easy to work with. He is very responsive to inquiries in a timely basis. Brian is very smart and has been a pleasure to work with for the past several years. I would feel comfortable recommending Brian to family and friends without reservation.

Bob Vinikoor

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